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Dr. Danisha Keating is a CEO, International Motivational Speaker, and International Author of
"From Foster to Ph.D: Letters from a Suitcase" (click here). 

Dr. Keating has made guest appearances on several podcasts and radio stations including: 
Kfrog, The Forgotten Initiative, Nothing is Wasted,
On the Path Podcast, 

The RightWay Podcast, Kern County DHS, and more.

As a research psychologist, Dr. Keating has a background in psychology, trauma informed training and practices, and foster care best practices. Dr. Keating has held trainings for foster parents, foster youth, staff and faculty, and the general population. Your next event can be tailored to you! 

If you would like to have Dr. Keating as a keynote speaker, guest speaker, or trainer, please fill out this form here: 


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