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Creating and Scaling your Business

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I share everything I’ve learned about starting a business and scaling it to make more money. One of the things that is scary is not knowing if we will be able to sell our service or products, but the benefit out ways the risk. Sometimes we are doing the right thing, and we just need motivation through what is next. I hope to provide that within this course! Ready to achieve your business goals? A business plan is your secret weapon to get everyone excited about what’s next. This a 9 session course that you can do at your own pace! Here are the details: This is a 9 session course that you can do at your own pace that I have personally created and put into practice to make what I make. Here are the details of each session:  1) The legal side of starting your business  2) Finding your "brand," building a website, and your social media presence 3) Scalability and future proofing  4) Building your clientele 5) Taking a deeper dive into scaling your business 6) From this to that in your business- How to take it to the next level.  7) Building revenue that does not require 24/7 work  8) Long-term financial health  9) Marketing your business.  Once you are done with the sessions, we will schedule a zoom session to plan out your business and how to scale it to make money.

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