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From Foster to __________

From Foster to ____________ is an organization inspired by Dr. Keating's book, "From Foster to PhD." Dr. Keating hopes that the organization can partner with the foster youth to help them achieve their goals, if that is educationally or just personally. 

From foster to ____ also has a podcast that highlights former foster youth success stories and redefines what success really means! Check it out here on  Spotify or Youtube:

Youtube: Click Here

Spotify: Click Here

This organization desires to provide hope to other foster care students by providing resources that can help change their lives. Within the United States, 50% of foster youth high school students graduate, and 3% of foster youth students will graduate with an associates or a bachelors degree. 61% of foster youth end up homeless. These numbers exist due to the lack of emotional, financial, and academic support. If we work together, we can support foster youth in the successful transition of getting on their feet either by continuing their education or increasing their workforce development skills.

Some of the barriers that foster youth face are homelessness, lack of financial support, and lack of emotional support. From Foster to _____ desires to partner with foster youth to help them in tangible ways like paying their rent, getting tires, providing scholarships and grants, and more. 

From Foster to _____ will also help foster youth with starting their businesses, providing internship opportunities, and providing a community of cheerleaders and supporters to surround them. 

Foster youth who are in need, can apply for the scholarships, grants, and support here: 

If you would like to support from Foster to ______, here are some ways to. help: 

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation


Partner with From Foster to ___________

There are several organizations in the US that provide support to foster youth students, but we need help. "From foster to _________" is an organization that will help foster youth students in any capacity, to help them reach their dreams. 


Financial, Emotional, and Physical Support 

Image by Hannah Busing

For foster youth adults, the most common need is financial assistance for housing, food, clothes for work and school, and counseling. Other common needs are physical and emotional support by partnering with organizations to provide mentorships and internships. 

If you would like to donate, please reach out to


How do I help? 

Donate! This can be through the following donations: 

  1. Gently used business clothes & Shoes.

  2. Gently or New Suitcases/Bags. 

  3. Cash and Gift Card Donations (Amazon, target, Walmart, or Grubhub are usually preferred). 

  4. Money for Scholarships and Financial needs for Foster Youth.

  5. Buy a "Foster to _____" bag! All proceeds go to scholarships for foster youth students! Each bag is $20! Click on SHOP to purchase!

    1. For bags or a signed copy of "From Foster to PHD," please reach out to

Hands Up

Where does the money go?

Every dollar that we raise, will go directly to the foster youth student in the capacity that they need, instead of being limited by age or college enrollment. 

From foster to _______ will partner directly with the student to ensure that the money goes to what will help them get to their dreams. 

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